Chicago Animal Shelter Killed My Cats – Can I Sue Them?

About two weeks ago I took my cats to a Chicago animal shelter, one that named themselves as a “no kill” shelter. My thought was to entrust these people to give my cats a better home and a better life. Instead they put them down! They killed them basically for no apparant reason.

They were there for only five days and were killed because they said they were not adjusting to the new environment so well. Ah, hello! Any pet would be like this!

I want to get a lawyer and sue them for this, but I’m not sure what kind of Chicago attorney to look for.

Can I sue this Chicago animal shelter for killing my 2 cats?

What Apartments in Chicago Accept People With Bad Credit?

I will be moving to Chicago in the very near future and my credit, although not totally in the gutter, is pretty bad due to some outstanding credit cards and medical bills.

I need to find option for apartments available in the city of Chicago that will accept people with bad credit. I don’t want to live in a war zone, and I can pay a few months extra rent upfront if needed.

What apartments in Chicago will accept people that have not so great credit scores?

Need to Sue Freeloader Renters

I have a condo in Des Plaines IL that’s gone into the final step of getting foreclosed. I’ve had renters in there for Sept & Oct and they stopped paying rent for November. They also made a deal with the mortgage company and are getting $3500 additionally to move out soon as a relocation package with Select Portfolio Servicing company since they’re currently occupying the my property.

I want to sue them for November’s rent and the $3500 the mortgage company is giving them plus any court and attorney fees! One of the renters also works part time in the foreclosure and short sale field so I think my condo might have even been targeted for this such occasion.

What can I do?

Can I Sue Nokia for This?

I purchased a Nokia high-priced smartphone from an independent seller in the United States, through Amazon. The phone came with a power problem.

I contacted the seller; he refer me to Nokia. Nokia has been dragging its feet for a few months. In the meantime, I have stopped pursuing the case because of a long-lasting illness. Recently, I re-commenced the case, a month short of the supposed warranty´s expiration period.

Now Nokia, for the first time, says: ¨ . .. your Nokia device comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. However, upon verifying on our manufacturing records it is indicated that your device, with the serial number 446222032911145 (numbers are altered), is no longer in warranty (due to age or not intended to be used in USA market)¨.

I am thinking of taking to small claims court the seller, Amazon, and even Nokia. I demanding cancellation of the sale, on the basis of fraudulent (defective device and no warranty as promised prior to sale) sale.
I would like to hear what are my options under the law. Rather than *personal opinions*

Question_1, Do I have a case?
Question_2. Best alternative to result in a decision favorable to me.
Question _3. How do I go about serving the demand to the defendants? (only the seller can be served in person, the other two no clue how to do)
Question_4. Do I have to give a name like the CEO of said company (which I can find out online), or just company name, Attn. Legal Counsel, or maybe Attn. Principal?

I will appreciate your help.

Can I Run a Background Check On Myself?

I am from Michigan, am now live in Oregon. In 2006, I had some felonies which were dropped to misdemeanors (in Michigan).

However, there was a point in 2007 when an employer did a background check and I was dismissed because the felonies were viewable on my record. I’m 100% sure they were dropped to misdemeanors — according to the HR for that company, the background check showed the felonies AND misdemeanors as a list of charges, not discerning between what they were originally and what they were dropped to. I tried to get to the bottom of it back then, but it seemed like everyone I talked to at the courthouse and police station in Michigan had conflicting information. Confused and frustrated, I never really got to the bottom of it.

So now I’m looking for work in Oregon, and I’m very curious as to what potential employers see when they run a background check on me.

How does the background check system works and is there a way for me to run a comprehensive one on myself?

Fired for Dispensing Wrong Medication

I received level-1 & 3 for rude and discourteus behavior warning which I disagreed. Top of those I dispensed medication with wrong identification that was not administered to patient. ( I found right away and called for return the medication.)

I feel that I am not deserved to be terminated. How can I get a help?

How Much Can I Sue for Getting Beat Up in Bar?

I broke my cheek bone 6.5 years ago at a bar in Winona, MN. We have since been reimbursed for medical bills and the offender has spent 90 days in jail (he had a prior offense and was a semi-professional boxer).

How long should the civil suit take to go to court, and about what dollar amount should my attorney/myself sue for?

Medical bills were around $18,000; I had to have facial reconstructive surgery.